What is iThenticate?

iThenticate is the leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology used worldwide by scholarly publishers, funding agencies, and researchers to ensure the originality of written work before publication. iThenticate helps editors, authors, and researchers prevent misconduct by comparing manuscripts to its database of over 43 billion web pages and 130 million content items, including 38 million works from 530 scholarly publishers.

Who Can Use iThenticate?

iThenticate is available to UNM faculty, staff, and graduate studentsfree of charge. Faculty and graduate students are strongly encouraged to use the tool as a pre-submission check of papers and proposals. See the same information that editors and proposal reviewers will see and make corrections prior to final submission. The tool can also check press statements, web content, and similar materials before release or publication.

How Can I Request Access?

Where Can I Request Support?

Visit the Support page for more information.

The University of New Mexico license for iThenticate is funded by the Office of the Vice President of Research